Protecting Our Environment

Baystar and our employees are committed to conserve, protect and enhance natural resources and the environment. Through innovation, operational excellence and environmental stewardship, we work diligently to improve our environmental performance.

We have established company wide policy, standards, programs and procedures to ensure that we continuously improve our environmental performance and protect the well-being of our communities.

Air Quality

The quality of air is important to all of us, and Baystar is dedicated to complying with all laws and the terms of our permits, evaluating and adopting appropriate pollution controls, and closely monitoring and controlling our emissions.

We are continually thinking of innovative ways to reduce any air emissions associated with our projects, operations and the products we deliver. This involves “out-of-the-box” thinking, numerous initiatives - including major capital investments, implementation of cost-effective new technologies and adoption of creative new operating practices.

Water Use and Quality

Water is important to our industrial operations and we focus on minimizing our impact on this valuable resource. When possible, our manufacturing sites reuse water multiple times, and we capture and recycle our water as much as possible.

The majority of water we use is returned to the environment, often through evaporation from cooling towers. Water returned to surface water bodies goes through extensive testing before discharge to meet all regulatory obligations and strict environmental standards.

Plastics Recycling

Plastics are what we make at Baystar, so we support and promote the responsible use, capture and reuse of plastic products within our own company, with our customers and in our communities. We also collaborate at the industry level to promote the benefits of plastics recycling throughout North America.



Preventing pellet loss in waterways and oceans

Plastics play a major role in improving our quality of life and boosting energy efficiency but, if they end up in waterways and oceans, they have a negative environmental impact.

Most plastic found in the oceans is ordinary post-consumer waste. However, an estimated 10% of it is dispersed during the production and processing of plastics. Mindful of what is at stake, plastics industry associations, including the World Plastics Council, have launched Operation Clean Sweep®, an international program with a particular focus on Asia. Its goal: to propose guidelines to help all players in the plastics industry — manufacturers, transporters, processors — follow good housekeeping and pellet containment practices, to prevent pellet loss in waterways and oceans.

Baystar is proud to participate in Operation Clean Sweep® as part of our commitment to preserving our many waterways in Texas and throughout the world.

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