Baystar Leaders Volunteer at Houston Food Bank

6 December / 2018

In December, as part of their annual planning meetings, the Baystar Leadership Team decided to get into the holiday spirit and volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. Serving more than 122 Million meals annually, the Houston Food Bank is the largest in the United States. It provides nutritious food to more than 800,000 needy kids and adults in the Greater Houston Area.  YOU CAN VOLUNTEER TOO…just contact the Food Bank, or look for future Baystar volunteer opportunities there!

Expert fruit & veggie prep Baystar Volunteers included (back row L to R): Dustin Shaw, Jari Hatonen, Scharlene Brooks, Bill McCarty, Jon Barfield, Robert Dempsey, Tom Boal and Daniel Mendelejis. (Front row L to R): Erin Cienkowski, Jen Woolfsmith, Leonardo Cortes, Diane Chamberlain, Gary Cambre, Mike Washington and Phillippe Claux.

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