Baystar is committed to strict adherence to Air Quality Guidelines as set forth under our current FOP. Further, pursuant to the FCAAA act of 1990 requirements under Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 70:

  • Baystar records and documents all air pollution control requirements that apply to the facility as a whole.
  • We provide regulators, site operators, owners, and members of the public, a clear picture of what the facility is required to do to meet regulatory standards.
  • We regularly report on how we are meeting emission control requirements. These reports are public information, and are available at any time from the TCEQ.
  • We monitor, test, and record regularly to assure that we comply with emission limits or any other pollution control requirements.
    We certify each year whether or not we have met the air pollution requirements outlined in the FOP.
  • Under 30 TAC Section 122.10, we maintain the above and these certifications are public information.

This permit is issued in accordance with and subject to the Texas Clean Air Act (TCAA), Chapter 382 of the Texas Health and Safety Code and Title 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 122 (30 TAC Chapter 122), Federal Operating Permits. Under 30 TAC Chapter 122, this permit constitutes the permit holder’s authority to operate the site and emission units listed in this permit. Operations of the site and emission units listed in this permit are subject to all additional rules or amended rules and orders of the Commission pursuant to the TCAA.

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The attached application contains all information required under 30 TAC Section 122.134 and is covered under the application provisions contained in 30 TAC Section 122.138 for an initial Title V application.

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The Statement of Basis sets the legal and factual basis for the draft permit conditions in accordance with 30 TAC §122.201(a)(4). An application for initial permit issuance has been submitted in accordance with 30 TAC § 122.201. 

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Correspondence relating to the permitting process between Baystar and TCEQ, the regulating body is required to be shared. 

June 2019 Correspondence

October 2019 Correspondence

February 2019 Correspondence

March 2020 Correspondence 

April 2020 Correspondence

On February 28, 2019 the Bay3 project broke ground at the Baystar facility in Pasadena, TX. The 625,000 metric ton-per-year Borstar polyethylene unit is a state-of-the-art polyethylene production facility that when comes online in 2021 will produce products for the most demanding applications. Approximately 1,750 jobs will be created during the peak engineering and construction phases of the project. Bay3 will more than double the site’s capacity and allow Baystar to provide our North American customers with a greater range of high-valued-added and resource-efficient products.


AMOC 155 - ID 5477699-1 – Project 321938 Conditions

AMOC 155 - ID 5477682-1 – Project 321938 Miscellaneous

AMOC 155 - ID 5477684-1 – Project 321938 Miscellaneous

AMOC 155 - ID 5477689-1 – Project 321938 Miscellaneous

For more information on this project, please contact McDermott, the project contractor at 346-787-5600.

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