At Baystar, our highest commitment is to the Safety and Responsible Care for the people, places, materials and processes that make our products possible. Knowledgeable and responsible people allow us to achieve our commitment and goals for Responsible Care. At Baystar, we operate under a directive that defines the Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policy of Bayport Polymers LLC. This directive consists of basic principles which are applicable to all activities at our facilities.

In all activities, Baystar acts in compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as with the relevant industry standards and the principles and requirements specific to the Group and business.

Baystar’s management defines and maintains a HSSE management system, sets objectives, communicates them at all levels of our organization and assigns the resources necessary for their implementation.


Management at all levels demonstrate exemplary conduct, vigilance, and professionalism regarding HSSE in all their activities and products. 

All Baystar employees and contract employees demonstrate the highest operational discipline to avoid incidents and minimize any health, safety and environmental impact and report without delay any dangerous situation and any divergence from current safety rules.

Each of our employees ensures the control of risks linked with their activities, particularly the smooth and proper operational condition of the installations, equipment and all safe products management. In particular, every person is accountable for ensuring safety systems are in place and effective. This mission is inseparable from our operational accountability.

For all activities, for all processes or products, the hazards to people, environment and assets are systematically identified. Their associated risks are evaluated and the measures to reduce these risks identified and implemented. The risk levels and risk reduction measures are periodically reassessed, at least upon every modification of activities or processes. Any development of a project or launch of a product is undertaken upon full life cycle risk assessment.
Respect for the environment is a constant focus of Baystar at all levels of the organization. Appropriate measures are taken to limit and control any significant impact on the environment caused by activities in progress. Each Bayport facility focuses on limiting its energy consumption, its atmospheric emissions, its effluents, its ultimate waste production, its use of natural resources and its impact on biodiversity.
All Baystar activities are undertaken to protect and preserve the health of people. Risks to health conditions are assessed so that the appropriate measures are taken to property protect our employees and our surrounding communities.
Contractors and suppliers to Baystar are assessed and selected by considering their HSSE performance, their ability to conform to the Baystar HSSE policy and their capacity to manage the risks inherent to the products and activities under contract.
For all activities, each Baystar site defines the required competencies, taking into account HSSE aspects. Competencies of personnel are regularly assessed, and training and development plans implemented to ensure that competencies are appropriate for the tasks to be performed.
The emergency situations potentially critical for people, the environment and the assets of Baystar are identified based on a risk assessment. Our Emergency Response organization is set up to ensure that emergency plans, appropriately-trained personnel and suitable equipment necessary for dealing with any situation is constantly accessible and up-to-date.

Emergency and associated external assistance plans are in place, tested during periodic exercises and updated on a regular basis. Where appropriate, these emergency plans include the local communities, mutual aid organizations and the authorities. All employees, suppliers and visitors are continually trained so they know what to do in case of emergencies.
In order to improve performance, Baystar HSSE action plans are regularly reviewed within each activity. HSSE management system’s effectiveness is analyzed during management reviews and monitored through key performance indicators, both quantitative and qualitative. Actions are prioritized according to the risk level or associated impact and are incorporated within the entity action plan.
Baystar embraces and participates in the Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights (VPSHR). All our activities are guided by our first and most important priority - the protection of people. Any security risks and threats are continually assessed, and our security plans are proactively tested and updated regularly.

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