HDPE 9458

Resin Properties (1)

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Property Method Unit Typical Value
Melt Flow Index D1238 g/10 min -
190°C/2.16 kg - - 0.45
Density D792 g/cm³ 0.958
Melting Temperature D3417  °F 272

Film Properties (1) (2)

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Property Method Unit Typical Value
Dart Impact D1709, A g < 50
Elmendorf Tear D1922 g (MD/TD) 15 / 1,050
Tensile Strength at Yield D882, A psi (MD/TD) 4,200 / 3,600
Tensile Strength at Break D882, A psi (MD/TD) 7,700 / 2,600
Elongation at Break D882, A % (MD/TD) 270 / < 10
1% Secant Modulus D882, A psi (MD/TD) 155,000 / 199,000
WVTR⁽³⁾ F1249 g/100 in² /day 0.7

⁽¹⁾ Data developed under laboratory conditions and are not to be used as specification, maxima or minima.
⁽²⁾ Film was produced at 2.0 mil with a 2.5:1 BUR.
⁽³⁾ Water Vapor Transmission Rate at 100°F / 90%RH.

All tests were run under laboratory conditions using American Society for Testing and Materials standards (where applicable) or internal testing procedures. The data is offered in good faith but is intended as a general guide only, and does not necessarily represent results that may be obtained elsewhere. The use of Bayport Polymers LLC (“Baystar”) products must be guided solely by the user’s own methods for selection of proper formulation to ascertain fitness for any specific application. Baystar disclaims any responsibility for misuse or misapplication of its products and the user expressly assumes all risk and liability, whether based in contract, tort or otherwise, in connection with the use of the information contained in the data or the use of the product. The data is provided without reference to any intellectual property issues, as well as federal, state, or local laws which may be encountered in the use thereof. BAYSTAR MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND THERE IS NO WARRANTY THAT GOODS SUPPLIED SHALL BE FIT FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Baystar’s liability and customer’s exclusive remedy for any claims arising out of sales of its products are expressly limited, at customer option, to replacement of nonconforming goods or refund not to exceed the purchase price plus transportation charges thereon in respect to any material subject to a claim. In addition to any prohibitions of use (if any), Baystar may further prohibit or restrict the sale of its products into certain applications. For further information, please contact your Baystar representative. All products supplied by Baystar are subject to its standard terms and conditions set out in the contract or applicable purchase order. This document may not be distributed, displayed (in any form including a website), copied, altered, or reproduced in whole or in part without Baystar’s prior written authorization. To the extent Baystar specifically authorizes distributing, displaying and/or copying this document, the user may do so only if the document is unaltered and complete, including all of its headers, footers, disclaimers and other information.


  • Bimodal molecular weight distribution
  • High stiffness
  • High tensile strength
  • Good heat resistance
  • Excellent bubble stability
  • Good compatibility with LDPE and LLDPE


  • Release liners
  • Stand-up bags / pouches
  • Coextruded films
  • Heavy duty shipping sacks
  • Form fill seal films
  • Multi-wall liners
  • Oriented film structures
  • Specialty packaging
  • Machine direction oriented films (MDO)

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