Powered by Lumicene® and Borstar® 3G technology, we're customizing a wide range of enhanced polyethylene products with increased sustainability for the most demanding applications.

Borstar® 3G Technology

Powerful new customization in polymer design

Our new 625 kt/y PE unit will deliver a broad range of products to help meet market demand for lighter, more durable, more flexible and more sustainable plastics.

The Borstar® process offers simultaneous improvements in production flexibility and environmental performance such as high energy efficiency and increased conversion capability. Borstar® products deliver on the demand for tangible sustainability, through light-weighting and by enabling incorporation of more than 50% post-consumer recycled materials in some end products.

Borstar® PE technology features a multi-modal reactor set-up with two loop reactors feeding a gas phase reactor and employing a novel, proprietary catalyst. Due to its wide molecular weight and composition distribution, Borstar® PE has superior physical properties, processes better than other PE, and requires no process aids.

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Lumicene® Technology

The improved performance our customers deserve

Built on proprietary technology, our Lumicene® portfolio represents a new generation of metallocene polyolefins with superior cleanliness, improved gloss and transparency, and enhanced processing and mechanical properties.

Lumicene offers tremendous attributes:

  • Ideal for lower-thickness, tougher multilayers, enabling reduction of virgin material
  • High impact resistance, excellent optics, and rapid tight sealing
  • High speed conversion
  • Excellent bubble stability in agricultural film production lines
  • Greater impact resistance
  • Excellent solution as a recycled booster
  • Down-gauging and incorporation of higher recycling content in food and consumer packaging

Our resins

Our broad range of medium and high density polyethylene resins serve various film, blow-molding, rotomolding, and specialty applications including:

Stand-up pouches

  • Stand-up pouch designs often require mixed resins to provide performance. This reduces sustainability because mixed resins cannot be recycled
  • Machine-Direction Oriented (MDO) Borstar® resin has been shown to allow for an all-PE formulated stand-up pouch which is fully recyclable
  • Borstar® resins also deliver superior performance in cold temperatures
  • Matte finish provides improved surface for detailed printing and package design
  • High gloss can be achieved through blends and/ or coextrusions

Agriculture films

  • Due to a matte surface, mulch films and greenhouse films made with Borstar® FB2230 provide diffused light that has been shown to improve crop yield
  • FB2230’s improved physical characteristics make a better film which is resistant to tear, safeguarding the grower’s investment
  • Borstar® greenhouse films will often last additional seasons depending on conditions, increasing sustainability and reducing waste

Collation shrink

  • Borstar® PE’s ability to down-gauge, extrude easier, improved hot-shrink and cold force characteristics and puncture resistance make it a better sustainability choice
  • Provides shrink in transverse direction and better mechanical properties
  • Superior impact resistence/ stiffness balance allows for tougher and thinner films - not possible with LDPE
  • Low hot shrink force – less burn holes and deformation
  • Good cold (holding/ retention) force (no relaxation of film)
  • Better stability during transportation
  • Less puncture with sharp edges (less risk of holes)


  • Borstar® polyethylene pipes hold PE4710 / PE100 classifications for higher service pressures and thinner walls
  • Excellent processability with increased extrusion throughput
  • Top tier stress crack resistance
  • For water, oil and gas, production and distribution, industrial, and mining

Blow Molding

  • A range of general purpose small and large part blow molding grades
  • Specialty bimodal blow molding grades with enhanced processability and properties for demanding applications, light weighting, and incorporating higher loads of PCR
  • Specialty resins for injection-stretch blow molding (ISBM) and coextrusions with higher gloss and softer touch

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