Our customized polyethylene empowers our partners to create high-performance products with enhanced sustainability. Our broad range of polyethylene resins deliver improved processing capability, lighter weight, increased durability, and superior appearance.

Our broad range of medium and high density polyethylene resins serve various film, blow-molding, rotomolding, and specialty applications including:

  • Bags and liners
  • Drums
  • Extrusion coating
  • Food packaging
  • Nonwovens
  • Oriented tapes
  • Protective packaging
  • Shrink and stretch films
  • Heavy-duty sacks
  • Household & Industrial Chemicals (HIC) containers
  • Injection-Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)
  • Technical parts
  • Tissue & towel overwrap
  • Toys
  • Water tanks

Experience Lumicene® Technology for better reliability and consistency:

  • Proprietary 2nd generation metallocene catalyst technology
  • E-Hexene copolymers
  • Combines narrow MWD resin with LCB for excellent processibility
  • Superior mechanical properties / tailoring of film stiffness
  • Allows tailoring of sealing performance
  • Excellent optics
  • Excellent organoleptics

Product Summary

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