“Doing business differently”: Inside Baystar’s first NPE

Corporate | May 22, 2024

“Doing business differently”: Inside Baystar’s first NPE

It was 5 days with 50,000-plus delegates from 131 countries ... but only one Baystar 'Less Like Work' lounge. Baystar's first showing at NPE2024 was a great success as customers, partners, old friends and new friends gathered in the star-studded lounge to experience this uniquely people-focused company bringing new ideas and technology to market.

From the moment visitors entered the space they were immersed in what makes Baystar unique: from a Virtual Reality tour of the complex in Pasadena, Texas (including the brand-new Bay 3), to the new cutting-edge products on display (packed with sweet treats), and of course, Baystar people.

“Amazing is probably an understatement,” said Brad Leesman, director of commercial, when asked about Baystar’s first showing as a company at NPE2024. “We’ve tried to be very innovative. We have a virtual reality tour of the plant, including the new facility. The interest has been very high.”

While many of the experienced team members have attended their share of NPEs in the past, 2024 was special as it marked both the first NPE in six years (due to the pandemic) and the Texas producer’s first attendance as a company that more than doubled its capacity in the past two years and launched a new ethane cracker in 2021.

For Peter Malmros, business development manager for North America, the event was “a very positive experience … You cannot go out and see every customer, but here at NPE you can really sit down with the key contacts we are working to build up a long-term partnership. To be close to the customer and work together across the value chain.”

“Baystar launched its newest production unit last fall – Bay 3 – featuring Borstar® technology. This leading production technology allows for a new level of product customization, durability, flexibility, and overall enhanced performance. The topic generated a lot of buzz at the show” Brad said.  

"For us, it's about rolling out and introducing not just the company, but the people,” Brad said. “Baystar is all about the people, the culture, and doing business differently. And that is the way we conduct ourselves.”

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